Draw Length Chart Recurve. Bow weight will change approximately ±2.5 pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. Today i’ll draw the end of the draw length vs arrow length debate.

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The main difference between draw length and arrow length is the way these two are measured. To determine your draw length, simply measure your armspan from the middle finger of one hand, to the middle finger of your opposite hand. The first step in selecting the correct arrow length is determining your draw length.

Measure The Total Length From One End From The Tip Of Your Middle Finger To The Other End In Inches.

Draw length chart recurve.recommended drawlength cx, hex5 and hex6to 26.5 25 to 27.5 26 to 28.5 27 to 29 28 to 30 xxxxx. For example, if an individual has an arm span of 52 inches, the number will be divided by 2.5 to give a total of 20.8 inches. Measure the length between the throat of the nock and the marking, this is your draw length.

This Means The Best Recurve Bow Draw Weight For You Could Also Change.

The main difference between draw length and arrow length is the way these two are measured. Measure the distance between each piece of tape, and record this measurement as “arm span.”. A bow with a longer draw length requires more force to achieve a full draw than a bow with a shorter draw length.

Unlike Longbows Or Recurves That Can Be Practically Drawn Back To Any Length, Compound Bows Have A Determined Draw Length (28”, 29”, 30”, Etc.).

Draw length is the measurement from the deepest part of the bow grip to the nock groove when at full draw. Now take that measured number and subtract 15 and then divide that number by 2. For example, let’s say my arm span is 68 inches.

Draw Length Is The Distance From The Deepest Grip Of The Throat To The Nock Point Plus 1.75″ At Full Draw.

Higher speeds will help you reach maximum distance and create a flat. The length of a recurve bow is measured from limb tip to limb tip, following their curvature along the inside edge of the bow. Arrow length is more dependent on your bow and your equipment, while draw length is more dependent on you and your physical size.

Once You Make This Quick Measurement, You’ll Be Able To Use A Calculator To Determine The Correct Draw Length For You.

Slowly let down the bow, and make sure that the marking stays in place. If you measured this in centimeters, you will have to convert this to inches by dividing by 2.54 or using this tool. How to measure bow draw length is important to know about in traditional archery.

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