How To Acid Wash Jeans Without Bleach

How To Acid Wash Jeans Without Bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry, and don't worry about smelling like vinegar—the odor goes away after your pants dry. Cover your work area with newspapers and wear gloves and eye protection.

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The acid washing process on denim jeans. Let the denim air dry and check how light it has faded! Although jeans are the most popular, acid washing can be done with other denim clothing, such as jackets, vests.

Be Careful Not To Splash Any Solution On Yourself Or.

It will also make it safe to wash the pants with other clothing without the risk of ruining the other clothing items. Carefully swirl the jeans around until they’re saturated. Afterward, wash the apparel and dry as usual.

The First Step Is To Select Your Materials.

Place the denim garment in the machine and let it sit for about half an hour. Mix this solution in the bucket. Instead, acid wash jeans are made with chlorine to achieve a lighter, bleached color than regular denim.

Be Sure You Have Gloves On!

The process of acid washing jeans used chemicals, stripping off the color of the top layer, leaving the white fabric exposed. This technique locks in the dye's color, keeping your jeans dark and your furniture clean. Let soak overnight and run through a regular cycle in the wash.

Let The Denim Air Dry And Check How Light It Has Faded!

Wait a few minutes after spraying the bleach. Mix a half cup of lemon juice (from about four lemons) into one gallon of hot water. Chlorine and water is added to a larger drum, after which the denim jeans are placed inside, either with or without pumice stones.

Add White Laundry To The Lemon Water And Allow It To Soak For At Least One Hour.

Drain away the water and then run your machine on a cool water wash with no detergent. Load the jeans in the washing machine. Take the pieces you wish to acid wash.

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