How To Bind A Quilt With Bias Tape. Place your needle down and turn your project on an angle and stitch to the corner. 6|| stop stitching at your 1/4″ mark or slightly before.

How to Bias Bind a Quilt! Kimberly Jolly's Easy Quilting Tutorial for from

Sew strips together and iron. Pull the binding over to the wrong side and fold back under itself. Leaving a 3” or longer tail, begin sewing in the “ditch” of the bias fold.

Take Two Strips With Ends Pointing In The Same Direction.

Fold back the binding 180 degrees to the left so that it lines up with the edge of your quilt. Align the bottom edge of the tape to the bottom edge of your quilt. Fold your binding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Lay Out Your Quilt On A Flat Surface.

It’s better to be slightly closer to the outside edge of the crease than the inside of the crease — we want to utilize the pressed seams of the bias tape. Take the piece to the sewing machine and sew the inside edge of the bias strip down first. On the wrong side, draw a line at ¼’’ from both long edges of the piece ( the straight edges, not the edges cut on bias).

Take To The Iron And Press From Both Sides, Front And Back.

Create a mitered corner by folding the tape 45 degrees to the right. Pull the binding over to the wrong side and fold back under itself. Mark off strips along the bias by measuring equal distances from the line you marked.

Add Up The Length Of All Four Sides Of Your Quilt.

Leave about 5 inches of overlapped binding, and an 8 inch gap in stitching between the beginning and the end of your bias tape. Use your needle up/down feature. Sew the outside edge of the bias tape.

Place It Back Under Your Machine Foot, Inserting The Needle Back In The Same Place You Finished Sewing.

Cut the fabric for your binding. As an object, quilt binding refers to the fabric that surrounds the edges of a quilt sandwich, for instance, top, backing, and batting combined. Attach the binding to the back of the quilt.

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