How To Clean A Mirror If You Dont Have Windex

How To Clean A Mirror If You Dont Have Windex. The more scratches a mirror has, the more likely it is that small pieces of dirt and debris will end. There are a few ways to clean your mirror without using windex.

DIY Better Than Windex Glass Cleaner from

Wipe the mirror clean with a towel. How to clean a mirror with windex Remove the stains with the cotton pad.

Use A Clean Piece Of Paper Towel To Wipe The Mirror Clean When Done.

Finally, if we are going to be making. Liquid dish soap is another excellent homemade glass cleaner. Dab the stained areas of the mirror with wet cotton, and use a.

Depending On How Dirty Your Windows Are, You May Want To Use Anywhere Between 1:5 & 1:20 Dilution.

You may also want to make up a bottle and keep it in your car for road trips and travelling. Remove the stains with the cotton pad. Above are the easiest ways to clean mirrors without windex.

Wipe Away Any Marks With A Clean Microfiber Cloth.

Repeat this process if you still see toothpaste marks, makeup dust, and other things on the mirror. Start by spot cleaning any particularly difficult stains and grime. This will knock off the debris, leaving you with a nice clean mirror.

Take A Cup Of Vibhuti, Mix It With A Cup Of Water To Form A Paste.

Simply take your duster and hold the can upright and level with your surface. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad. 'instead of scrubbing hard, apply glass cleaners to those areas where the spots are and wipe them gently with a cloth,' paige suggests.

The More Scratches A Mirror Has, The More Likely It Is That Small Pieces Of Dirt And Debris Will End.

Water is the cheapest alternative to windex for cleaning a mirror or window. Mix one part vinegar to one part water. The best way to clean mirrors and windows without streaks is to do so with a mixture of vinegar and water.

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