How To Make A Palm Cross Out Of Paper. Centre square enough to create the bottom part of your cross. When i was coming out of church i saw a woman who had one of these little woven thingees and asked her how to do.

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About 14 inches is fine. This will make your palm sunday cross easier to fold. Buy the large size construction paper if needed.

Here's How To Fold A Palm Cross Using Paper Strips.

• take the longer piece of paper and bend it to the right at a 90 degree angle. • take your strip of paper and fold the top third of the paper towards you, and this part will serve as the base of your cross. Fold the palm in half and cut into two pieces.

Now, Bring The Tail Of The Palm Down And Thread It Under The Little Piece In The Back.

Before class cut out as many large leaf shapes as you need. A long strip of palm or paper; Turn that reverse l over to form a 7 and then fold the vertical end over again.

You Should Now Have A.

Still make your own “palm” crosses… but out of paper!! You can practice with long strips of paper so that you're ready to make you. Push the pointy end around the back of the square and fold over.

Step 1 O O Step 6 Step 2 Step 4 Step 10 Step 3 Step 8 Step 11 Step 7 Step 5 Step 9 Step 12 Turn The Cross Over.

March 8, 2010 by sharonhujik. Create the arms of the cross by folding the. 11 12 13 continue holding this end and loop it back through the intersection, forming the second arm of the cross.

Here’s Where You Start To Make The Arms Of The Cross.

Find a variety of palm leaf cross folding ide. Take a palm strip that is about 2 feet long and 1/2 wide (if it tapers at the top, this is good!). Wind the tail around and around that same piece until there is not enough left to wind it anymore.

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