How To Winterize A Camper Trailer

How To Winterize A Camper Trailer. Switch your water heater out of bypass mode and into the summer position (or drain the antifreeze from the water heater tank if it was not in bypass mode). Attach the air compressor to your water lines.

14 Tips for Winterizing Your RV
14 Tips for Winterizing Your RV from

Turn on the water pump to help suck the rest of the fluid left in the tube into the lines. Connect the bypass, following the instructions on the package. Michel is the founder of rvezy, an rv rental marketplace bringing together rv owners and aspiring vacationers across north america.

Turn On The Water Pump To Help Suck The Rest Of The Fluid Left In The Tube Into The Lines.

Assuming the hot water is off, drain your tank. Download a printable pdf version of this checklist. Make sure to measure a 1/4th cup of bleaching agent for 15 gallons the freshwater tank holds.

Keep The Tube In The Rv Antifreeze Bottle But Lift It Out Of The Liquid.

Attach the air compressor to your water lines. Pour antifreeze down your drains. Clean the main living area, kitchen and dining area.

Fill Your Fresh Water Tank.

Now we’re ready to winterize your water system. Use liquid laundry detergent to cover the stain. The final step to winterizing the rv is to cover it.

Do The Same For Both The Gray And Black Holding Tanks.

A lot depends on how you accessorize your rv. Park and stabilize your camper. Exterior of the travel trailer.

Make Sure It’s Completely Dry First Or It Could Invite Rust Or Corrosion.

Make sure to drain your gray and black water tanks too. Connect the rv to a water source via the city water inlet and turn the water on at the spigot. Let the water run until it runs clear.

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